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Volume 18 No. 913, SUNDAY, October 29, 2017 Content Matters

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Regulation Chamber Appoints President After Overdue Election
Afoot to
                                                    The election has been delayed for more than a year due to alleged voter irregularities


      will be selected to

participate in a multimodal
     system at Hawassa
        Industrial Park

By SAMSON BERHANE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo by: Sawrawork Tafari


Private freight forwarders will be       Zafu Eyesuswork (left), former president of Ethiopia Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (ECCSA), Solomon Afework (centre), the outgoing president
allowed to engage in a multimodal                   of the Chamber along with Melaku Ezezew (right), the newly elected president, during the election held at the Hilton Addis Hotel on October 27, 2017.
transportation system for cargo
shipped in and out of Hawassa             By YIBELTAL GEBREGZIABHER            the Chamber, Assefa                            getting 85 votes out of   Ministry of Industry (MoI), the media
Industrial Park (HIP), according                                               Gebreselassie, from                            the total 170. The new    and non-members of the national
to a new regulation drafted by the           FORTUNE STAFF WRITER              the Tigray Chamber of                          president, a father of    chamber were invited to witness
Maritime Affairs Authority.                                                    Commerce & Sectoral                            four, is originally from  the electoral process opened by
                                         Melaku Ezezew, head of the Amhara     Associations (TCCSA),                          Gonder, 727Km from        Mebrahtu Meles (PhD), state minister
This will enable freight forwarders      Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral        was elected as a vice                          the capital. Melaku       for Industry.
to transport cargo by accepting          Association, was elected as the next  president.                                     came in 10 votes higher
full liability under a contract of       President of the Ethiopia Chamber of                                                 than the runner-up,       "Throughout national Chamber's
                carriage for the         Commerce & Sectoral Associations      Melaku, 39, who is a                           Feyisa Ararsa, a member   history, this election was one of the
10m Br          whole journey            (ECCSA) at the eighth general         co-owner and general                           of Oromia Chamber of      most democratic," said Abebe Benti,
                and two modes            assembly held at the Hilton Addis     manager of the Bete-                           Commerce & Sectoral       a member of the electoral committee.
The working     of transportation.       Hotel, Addis Abeba, last Friday.      Melaku Real Estate and                         Association (OCCSA).
capital         It will first be                                               has a driver's training                                                                              (Continued on PAGE 4)
required to     implemented as           In the ceremony attended by 170       school, was elected after                      Officials from the
participate     a pilot project to       members and representatives of
in the          allow the private
multimodal      companies to             Chinese Tannery Workers Strike Over Lax Safety
system          fully participate

                in the multimodal
transportation system, according to
the Authority.
                                         FMore than 1,720 employees of Friendship Tannery have been on strike for the past two weeks
“If the piloting becomes successful,     riendship Tannery Plc, a                 By FEKADU GUGSA         injured, according to workers at the according to Shambel Megra, an
the system will be executed nation-      Chinese-owned company,                FORTUNE STAFF WRITER       company. This happened eight months employee of the Company, who
wide,” Yeshi Fekade, director of         suspended operation for                                          after another employee, Sete Welde, witnessed the accident.
communication affairs at the Authority,  the past two weeks after its Ermias Tadesse, 21, was injured. lost both her hands.
told Fortune.                                                                                                                                           The general manager of the Company

The monopoly of the Ethiopian            employees strike to protest against He works as an aesthetician who “They could not even provide a vehicle confirmed the occurrence of the
Shipping Lines & Logistics Service       an accident with an employee of the beautifies the hides using different for me during the accident,” said accident but declined to comment
Enterprise (ESLSE) in the industry       Company.                              machines.                  Ermias, who earns 110 Br a day. "I on the issue.
has been blamed for stagnant export
                                         At least 1,720 workers at the Tannery He lost his left hand in the accident went to the hospital in a cab."    Since the strike, the Company gave

                (Continued on PAGE 4)    went on strike on October 14, 2017. despite being taken to the hospital by Ermias did not wear any safety                     (Continued on PAGE 5)
                                         The protests surfaced just a day after fellow employees right after he was gear when the accident occurred,

                Hailemariam's Rebuttal Despite Visible Tension

                Last week, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn appeared before Parliament to address questions raised by parliamentarians on President Mulatu Teshome's (PhD) motion
                during the joint session of the both houses held three weeks ago. He addressed parliamentarians with multiple irregularities- the session was attended in the absence of one-
                third of parliamentarians mainly from the Oromo People Democratic Organisation (OPDO); it was chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the House despite the Speaker, Abadula
                Gemeda, being in the country, and thirdly the motion faced an abstention vote. The Prime Minister took the floor at a time when the country is under political turmoil. Violence
                in the Oromia Regional State especially in Ambo and Gebre Guracha, the inter-regional conflicts between Somali and Oromia regional states, resignation requests of veteran
                politicians and price spike of commodities in the market following the recent devaluation were the causes of the open-ended stress. PLEASE SEE THE FULL Story ON PAGE 10

Deposit with the Foreign Bank (2015/16) 	 Dashen (1.8b Br)  BoA (350.8m Br)    Nib (867m Br)              United (773.2m Br)  Awash (1.7b Br)           LIB (219m Br)  BIB (2.3b Br)

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