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Page 28  ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                                       Fortune Vol. 21 No. 1070 Nov. 1, 2020

         Terms of Reference (ToR)

           TATARI Programme Coordinator

BRIDGES is a job creation programme funded by the Mastercard Foundation        DELIVERABLES AND TIMEFRAME:
under its Young Africa Works strategy and envisages supporting the creation
of close to 600,000 jobs for the youth (80% women) and 15,000 MSMEs,           No. Description of each deliverable Timeframe
with 300,000 unemployed youth trained through supporting IP job creation
initiative and market linkage between IPs and MSMEs.                                 Regular reports on progress and registering
                                                                               1 students for TATARI programme and soft skills Weekly
As part of job creation and enterprise development effort, FC/BRIDGES has
designed an innovative scheme called ‘TATARI,yenege sera fetari’.                    training as per the project work plan.

About the TATARI program                                                       2 Monthly project performance reports            Monthly

The TATARI program is designed for higher education institutes’(university     3  Quarterly and final project reports as per a  Quarterly
and TVET) students as well as young graduates aspiring to become                  template agreed with BRIDGES
entrepreneurs.It provides training, mentoring, matching grant and credit
facility to eligible members. It works in partnership with selected financial  4 MRM trackers on an agreed basis                Monthly
institutions for favourable saving and credit facilities.
                                                                               The assignment will take 12 months, with a possibility of extension, starting
It also provides continuous business development service, coaching and         from November 2020 – October 2021. Performance based payment will
mentoring services between 6–12 months. Each member of the TATARI              be applied.
program will contribute a minimum fixed amount on a monthly basis
to be opened in the partner financial institution. The BRIDGES program         QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE:
will match certain amount of money upon graduation depending on the
number of years they have been saving and availability of fund. Upon the       „„ Experience working in a multi-stakeholder environment delivering
students’ graduation, the partnering financial institutions will provide a         similar assignments;
credit of up to 3 to 4 folds of the saved amount with favourable credit
terms to TATARI members.First Consult/BRIDGES is looking for qualified         „„ Prior experience implementing coordination assignments;
and dynamic coordinators in the target regions/city administrations
of Amhara region (Bahirdar, Dessie, Debreberhan), Oromia region                „„ Strong track record of project management and reporting;
(Adama, Jimma, Assela, Ambo),SNNPR and Sidama regions (Hawassa,
WolayitaSodo, Arbaminch) , Somalia region (Jijiga), Addis Ababa and            „„ Demonstrated ability to network with various stakeholders;
                                                                               „„ Good understanding of MSMEs development/ sector and related work
Specific Task of the Assignment                                                    experience;

The Coordinators are responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and          „„ Excellent analytical, technical and conceptual knowledge about
ensuring smooth implementation of TATARI program and will work closely             management and grasp of business management principles and
with academic institutions, BDS service providers, partnering financial            practices;
institutions, students/graduates and other concerned stakeholders as
intended, in the respective regions/cities to:                                 „„ Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and Amharic;

„„ Ensure implementation of work plans in accordance with the                  „„ Experience related to youth job creation and connection with higher
    agreements signed between the institutions and BRIDGES;                        education institutes including TVETs is an asset.

„„ Identify, approach and facilitate the process to onboard higher             Submission of Offer:
    education institutes to be part of the TATARI program;
                                                                               Based on this ToR and information provided, interested firms will develop a
„„ Work closely with target universities/ TVET institutions to promote and     proposal the intended assignment and shall submit two separate documents
    register aspiring students for the program;                                technical and financial:

„„ Facilitate and organize workshops and trainings in collaborations with      A.	 Technical proposal that includes:
    service providers and academic institutions;
                                                                               •	 An outline of the proposed methodology, clearly stating specific cities
„„ Facilitate coordination and smooth flow of communication among                  they are interested to work in;
                                                                               •	 A tentative work schedule with projection of registering TATARI
„„ Facilitate the provision of continuous and regular trainings, business          students in respective region;
    development service, coaching and mentoring services for TATARI
    members;                                                                   •	 Any suggestions for improvement of the ToR and/or the assessment;

„„ Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the trainings given under         B.	 Financial proposal that includes
    the TATARI program
                                                                               •	 Detailed cost breakdown including logistics; costper registered
„„ Collaborate and closely work with selected financial institutions for           student;
    opening of blocked saving accounts and follow up with the matching
    fund                                                                       •	 Proposed budget.

„„ Ensure implementation challenges and risks are flagged and mitigated        •	 The consulting firm should list down all costs it will incur in the
    ahead of time;                                                                 financial proposal. The payment milestone should be based on
                                                                                   number of TATARI students registering, opening saving accounts and
„„ Take proactive steps as per the dynamics of the project and manage              attending trainings.
    the entire registering of students to the program
                                                                               APPLICATION PROCESS:

                                                                               Applicants should email their proposals and supporting documents to
                                                                      no later than 5:00 PM onNovember 10, 2020.
                                                                               The application is open for firms only. The subject of the email should
                                                                               say TATARI Coordinator and specify region/city of application as stated
                                                                               above. For any queries related to this ToR please contact Habtamu Ertiro
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