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Page 8                 ANNOUNCEMENT                                                                   Fortune Vol. 22 No. 1126 Nov. 28, 2021

                       EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI)

         PROVISION OF OUTSOURCED                                                    Item Description
                                                                                      Software Developers (Front End Developers,
        1. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES                                                   D Mobile app developers, back end developers, Ful

        The intention of this Expression of Interest (EOI) document is to lead        Stack Developers )
        in the identification and shortlisting of suppliers who can demonstrate
        having sufficient capacity and experience to provide software            E  Functional Testers (manual testers), Quality
        developers of various experience levels.                                    Analysts

        2. SCOPE AND DELIVERABLES                                                F Automated Testing Developers

        The provider must have capability to:                                    G  Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Business
            a) Provide outsourced software developers to work on                    Analysts
                Safaricom’s internal software projects. These include and
                are not limited to Architects, Front End Developers, Mobile      H  Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine
                App Developers, Back End Developers, QAs, Business                  Learning Engineers, Data Analysts
                Analysts, DevOps Engineers etc.
            b) Provide training and mentorship of these software                 I DevOps Engineers, DevSecOps Engineers
                                                                                 Supplier to provide approximate number of resources in each
        The suppliers are also expected to perform the following major           category
        activities during the engagement:
                                                                                 3. RESPONSIBILITIES
            •	 Continuous training and mentorship of the developers.
            •	 Carry out performance evaluations of the developers                   •	 It is the responsibility of the supplier to show commitment
                                                                                         to providing consistent high-quality services from the very
                periodically.                                                            first contact.
        Safaricom is therefore soliciting the following documents from
        interested suppliers:                                                        •	 Compliance with industry standards, regulations and
                                                                                         procedures. Work processes, industry and legal compliance
          •	 Expression of Interest letter duly dated signed and stamped                 as proof of ability to attain high levels of service delivery.
          •	 Company profile
          •	 A proposal clearly showing the following:                           4. SUBMISSION OF RESPONSES

                    o Current list of clients where you are offering             Interested suppliers should submit their response to the following
                        outsourced developers as a service and references        email address: no later than 10th
                                                                                 December 2021 at 5:00pm (GMT+3).
                    o Year company was established
                    o Proof that you have the necessary regulatory                   •	 All submissions to email should be less than 20MB, and if
                                                                                         larger should be shared on Google Drive
                        approvals to provide such services in Ethiopia
                    o Duly completed statement of compliance (fully              NEXT STEPS

                        compliant/partially compliant and non-compliant) to          •	 Review of submitted Expressions of Interest
                        each of the below listed requirements.                       •	 Prequalification of shortlisted suppliers
                                                                                     •	 Issuing of tender to prequalified suppliers
                      STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE
        # Item Description                                                       NOTE:

           Provision of Software Developers of either of                             •	 Only the suppliers who meet our minimum requirements will
                                                                                         be considered for further discussions.
           the following (Software Architects, Front End
                                                                                     •	 No prices should be provided with this EOI.
        A  Developers, Mobile App Developers, Back End                               •	 The receipt of a response shall not bind Safaricom to any
           Developers, QAs, Business Analysts, DevOps
                                                                                         contractual agreements with the prospective bidder. Such
           engineers, Support Engineers etc) within 1 month                              arrangements shall only come in place once a tender process
                                                                                         has been completed and an award issued to a successful
           of request                                                                    bidder after technical and commercial evaluation.
                                                                                     •	 Any costs associated with the preparation and submission
        B  Approximate number of developers that you can                                 of the response to the EOI shall be borne by the EOI
           provide                                                                       respondent.

        C  Existence of a training plan to continuously                           Safaricom Telecommunication Ethiopia reserves, at its sole discretion,
           improve your Developers                                                the right to select or reject, either in totality or partially, any or all proposals
                                                                                  made in the context of this EOI. Any such decisions made will be final
        Supplier to provide compliance statement (Fully Compliant/                and no correspondence will be engaged into, other than for informing the
        Partially Compliant/ Non-Compliant)                                       bidders of the outcome of the process.
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