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Fortune Wishes you a Merry Christmas!

                                              Volume 22 No. 1132, SUNDAY, January 9, 2022 Content Matters

    Federal                                              T e n ( 1 0 ) b i r r o n ly
  to Oversee                                  CALL FOR PEACE, HEALING, SOLIDARITY!
Seed Markets                                  The week approaching                                                                                             Photo by: Sawrawork Tafari
                                              Ghenna (Christmas),
There are 133 licensed                      celebrated last Friday          exhibition bazaar taking place behind   international media coverage. It
agrochemical importers                        in Ethiopia, saw                the gates. It hosted 500 vendors and    planned a “million march” on Sunday
                                              organisers at Mesqel            offered camel and horse riding with     and looked to wrap up celebrations
      in the country                          Square continuing to            music performances to boot. Many        with Timket (Epiphany) and the "Great
                                              innovate on aesthetics          of the participants hung out in the     Ethiopian Run" on January 23. Officials
  By TSION HAILEMICHAEL                       and entertainment.              courtyard after doing their shopping.   have been sharing their wishes that
                                              The celebrations there          The more anticipated celebration will   the holiday season, which nearly
   FORTUNE STAFF WRITER                       were unique from                be far from Addis Abeba, in Lalibela,   corresponds with the beginning of
                                              events hosted in past           Amhara Regional State, where Ghenna     2022, marks the dawn of a better year.
A federal regulatory agency with              holidays. The authorities       is celebrated warmly. It is one of the  “Years come and go but the last one
authority to issue permits for                attempted to make every         main events on the "Great Ethiopian     has been a particularly harrowing
importers and distributors of                 penny of the 2.5 billion        Homecoming" schedule, organised by      experience,” recalled President Sahle-
agricultural inputs is in the making.         Br spent revitalising           the government in response to what      Work Zewde. “Let’s make 2022 a year
                                              the most popular public         it perceived as unfair and negative     of peace, healing and solidarity.”
Last week, a draft regulation                 square in the capital
for establishing the Ethiopian                count. Part of the square
Agriculture Authority (EAA) was               surrounded by the
sent to the Ministry of Planning &            concentric semicircle
Development. Part of the Authority's          stairs was adorned with
mandate will involve overseeing the           Christmas decorations,
provision of fertiliser and seeds.            hosting food vendors and
These inputs have mainly been out             customers. The red and
of the private sector's reach as the          green lighting glistened
supply chain remains in the hands             best in the nighttime. A
of the state and public enterprises.          handful of eateries had
However, private businesses' role             set up shop using food
in importing and distributing                 trucks and mascots ran
agrochemicals, such as pesticides,            around playing with kids.
is relatively robust.                         Several participants were
                                              busy snapping selfies.
Since the state subsidy and monopoly          The jamboree is
over pesticide distribution ended in          occurring jointly with an
1995, the private sector has been
getting its piece of the pie. There
were 24 agrochemical importers
a decade ago, compared to 133
this year.

Issuing certificates of competence
and registration of importers and
distributors of agrochemicals
has thus far been delegated to
the Agricultural Inputs Marketing
Directorate at the Ministry of

The Ministry is among the federal
agencies that are going through a
restructuring after the formation
of the current administration in
September 2021.

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